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Resolutions Are Worth Keeping


We’ve all been there. December 31st rolls around, you’re sitting on the couch waiting for the ball to drop, and you can’t help but think about ways to make the next year better than the last. Maybe you tell yourself you’re going to workout more or spend more time with family and friends. Maybe you decide to pursue a career change or start a family. No matter what your resolution, there is one common denominator – an initial thought that something could be different…better…great! So, why not commit to changing your life? Whether big or small, we all start our New Year’s Resolution the same way…one day at a time!

Join me for my 2020 New Year’s Resolution to experience life, love, and lots of good eats! I’m committing to live my days with fuller awareness and to be more open and socially available. Of course, I’ll also be working on the typical “workout more” and “eat healthier” goals, but I’m doing so with a focus of making it fit into my life (as opposed to letting it dictate my life). Follow me on social media and join me in my journeys of creating new recipes, reviewing dishes from food establishments across the country and the world, and simply living my best life in 2020!


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