I am about all things that lead to happy, healthy, and yummy! In January 2019, I started my journey down the road to building a better relationship with food to ultimately develop a more healthy lifestyle. Then, a few months later, I found myself at the beginning of what was a long and life-altering journey to manage an unexplained medical condition.

After food journaling for many months, and eventually experimenting with an elimination diet, I found that gluten seemed to be a trigger for me. I adjusted everything I could control and continued the experimentation, and I am happy to say that today (finally, two years later), I no longer experience any of the symptoms I had back then. Medical tests never confirmed anything to this end, but regardless, the results were very real for me, and many of the habits, tips, and tricks I developed then have stuck.

My mission now is to find healthy, wholesome foods that fuel productive workouts and support a happy, balanced life. My goal is still to create delicious and easy-to-make meals with these foods. These are my stories and recipes for how I live my best life.

I am a cybersecurity compliance professional by day, formerly trained in law and music. I have a background in teaching and customer service, and am a hobbyist at heart. Writing has always been an interest of mine (a former colleague used to call me “Jenn the pen”), though I didn’t realize until more recently just how much I truly love writing.

I am ALWAYS learning something new, to support both my career and personal aspirations, through personal research and other avenues. I believe we should all continue to be open to learning new things. My husband jokes that I am a “professional student,” and I take that as a compliment.

I love to cook (thanks to my dad) and love to travel (thanks to my husband), and even though I usually have a few messy rooms in my house at any given time, I also love home décor (I’ll thank my mom for this – there’s nothing better than sitting in a room setup just right, and that feeling of home always makes me think of mom). I am technically a member of the elder millennial generation and my husband and I joke that we were born in the wrong decade given some of our tendencies (like going to bed before 9pm!), but we choose to live our lives according to what works for us and the lifestyle we choose.

I want to give a special thank you to my husband, Mike, for always believing in me and supporting me in everything I do; and a special shout-out to our fur-baby, Samantha, who reminds us every day that the best things in life are rescued, not bought.